Today in our Indian governance rapid changes are happing. In that way, our government also wants to check the aspirant’s awareness about the Indian constitution. So Indian polity has a major role in our job-seeking examinations.

The questions asked earlier are on basis of application mode. India constitution previous history, and making process and also complete Idea about India constitution is important us.

As a public servant, we have to know the policies made by our government.

In order to carry forward, the APPSC exam also gave more importance to India’s constitution Knowledge.

In Group I and Group II there proper importance to the polity.

Here in the favour of Groups preparing aspirants we are giving all essential notes and pdf books. You can download them and print them. Some have for only for reading mode only.

Anyhow, we hope that our services are helpful and joyful to the aspirants.

we are creating standard practice exams also.

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