How to get a job in Group - 1 & 2?

How to get a job in Group – 1 & 2?

To be successful in groups you need to plan to read the same book more times than to read more than one book on a subject.
Those preparing for Group 1 & 2 Exams should not read any book. Standard books only should be read. It brings them closer to success.

Stop reading cheap books.
The main reason for losing job opportunity with 5, 10 marks while preparing for groups from time immemorial .. Inexpensive books and guides they read. Stop reading them first. Instead, read books written by Telugu academy of Telugu University, or qualified professors. That’s all but one should not read books written with that experience while working in some institutes. Many have missed out on success by doing so. So make it a habit to read standard books. Also the candidate should know what not to read .. what book not to read. Read Telugu Academy Inter books on history first. Read degree books after that. Reading degree books is enough if you have an understanding of the home.

Groups‌ .. Gold Mine Geography

For Current Affairs ..
Be sure to read the daily newspaper for current affairs and take notes on topics that are relevant to you. Also, All India Radio broadcasts news daily. Listen to it and make a note of the necessary points. There will be useful news on Rajya Sabha TV as well. Learn at least the basics before going coaching. If you read the same book more times than every subject, you will know which point is important and which is not.

Pucca result with a solid strategy

Must read Pivius Question Papers ..
Reading the question papers earlier will reveal the examination procedure. But here’s one thing to remember. That is .. From 1996 to 2014 there were many changes in the examination system. The standard in the questionnaire was greatly increased after the state redistricting. So the exam question papers held after 2014 should be read. It is a known fact that those who practice more in games in general will excel more. So if we are able to practice at least 400 to 500 subjects from the beginning of the preparation till the time of writing the exam we will be closer to success.

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